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Pastor Brenda Timberlake

Brenda Timberlake, Honorary Co-chair, Raeigh, NC

Pastor Brenda Timberlake
Senior Pastor of Christian Faith Center
Co-Chair of Beautiful Woman Inside and Out
Raleigh, North Carolina 

Pastor Brenda Timberlake is the Senior Pastor of Christian Faith Center in Creedmoor, NC. Her energetic style of ministry captivates her listeners and infuses her messages with power. She ministers all over the world on how to employ the Word of God in your daily life and how to have victory as a person of faith. She is a living testimony to the power of standing on God’s Word.

Pastor Brenda has been profiled regularly on national television for her excellence in ministry and for her courageous stand of faith with her late husband, Bishop Mack Timberlake, Jr. Through her broadcast, Today with Brenda Timberlake, she teaches people all over the world how to have victory in their daily walk with Christ.

Thousands of Christians around the world have drawn from her strength as she continues to lead and take back her portion of the kingdom. Her life is a living testimony to the faithfulness and goodness of God. Everywhere she goes, she inspires her listeners to obey God so that they can enjoy the abundant life here on earth.

She serves on the Advisory Board of Spirit Led Woman, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Living Epistle Bible College in Greensboro, NC, she writes a monthly column for both Gospel Today and Saved magazine.

Pastor Brenda is mother to seven children as well as the spiritual mother to thousands who depend upon her wisdom and insight to help them in their spiritual development and growth.

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