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Terrence Sams

Terrence SamsAt an early age Terrence Sams understood the importance of one’s perspective of life and how it can affect everything you do. Terrence, born April 15th in Florida was one of 14 children from humble beginnings. Terrence grew up with 7 sisters and 6 older brothers who schooled him in the art of being a ladies man at a very young age. Not to mention that while attending Lakeland High School in Florida, Terrence was a good looking competitive jock engaged in basketball and football.

After high school, Terrence went on to Jr., college and then one year of university, where he felt the call for something more. Wanting to better his life and provide for himself and his son, Terrence decided to join the US Navy, where he served for 8 years in the medical field. After fighting for his country in operation Iraqi Freedom, honorably discharged, Terrence left the military to pursue a music career which started to grow wings until a sequence of life altering events changed his path forever.

In 2006, Terrence unexpectedly loss his father in a car accident and his mother to heart failure; confused, hurt, broken, he was faced with the question of how to make a mental shift to endure the pain. As a result, Terrence began to focus on self development learning a fundamental but life altering fact… if you change your mindset; you can change your life!

Terrence was once a ladies-man and serial cheater, taking pride in teaching his friends how to get women. Feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied, he began to want more out of life, he eventually matured and he settled down with his wife, Jacqueline Sams, with whom he has a successful seven year marriage to date.

Although he prayed to have more boys, life has a certain amount of irony and aside from his one son; he was later blessed with two beautiful girls. Terrence says, “when I think about my daughters meeting young men who may behave the way that I did when I was younger… nervous and alarmed does not begin to describe my emotions!”

The  Recipe by Terrence SamsHence the reason why this father, singer, songwriter decided to write the book, “THE RECIPE – How to Avoid the TRAP.” THE RECIPE, is a step by step guide that teaches young women what to look for when dating a man and shares with them vital information that will teach them how to identify the cheaters and avoid unnecessary heartaches.

Terrence now spends his time teaching the importance of knowing your worth and setting standards for healthy, loving relationships. He hopes that young women will take heed, hear the truth, and acquire a thirst for more knowledge and understanding. Helping them to learn how much of what happens in a relationship has to do with their own positive, respectful standards, enabling them to one day make wiser relationship decisions.

“Because when you KNOW better, you USUALLY do better!”


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