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Keith R. Harley, Jr, Celebrity Hair Stylist and Trichologist

The Protector of the Crown

Keith R. Harley, Jr.Keith R. Harley, Jr is a style icon! With a 25 year multifaceted career in the beauty industry he is one of the country’s leading experts in the care and treatment of hair. He is the owner and operator of the Keith Harley Hair and Scalp Clinic. A highly skilled and trained trichologist, he brings a great depth of knowledge to the preservation and nurturing of hair while also being a master stylist. Often termed the “Hair Doctor”, Keith R. Harley has created an organization that is committed to the treatment of the hair and disorders of the scalp as well as keeping clients knowledgeable of maintaining their hair and scalp on a daily basis. Not only does Keith Harley treat hair and scalp disorders, the clinic also functions as a traditional hair salon incorporating conventional styling techniques in creating contemporary hair styles that relate to a client’s professional and/or personal lifestyle.

The Keith Harley Hair & Scalp Clinic staff is composed of licensed Hair & Scalp Specialists, Treatment Specialists, and Cosmetologists, each of whom have been personally trained by the owner in an extensive training program composed of customer service, Trichology, hair and scalp treatments, and hair finishing. “It is often said, your hair is your crown and glory, but I say, your hair and crown is a direct reflection of who you are and with that should speak a silent GLORY!”

Keith Harley is a professional, an entrepreneur and he is gifted motivating persons to truly walk into their potential greatness. He is a great orator that moves audiences with his practical and insightful challenges. He truly “pulls it all together” and pushes audiences onward and upward!

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