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Do I need to be there all day? What if I have to leave early or come in later?

What is a Master Class?

What are the General Sessions?

What is the Authors' Salon?

What is the DIVA Photo Shoot?

Can I submit questions in advance for the conference?

Can you tell me again about the registration levels? How do they differ?

My Wife needs a break! Can I register her?

I am registering a woman for the Sweetheart Package and want the additional features (the upgraded room with additional amenities, the flowers, and luxurious bath) what do I do to receive them?

Are there payment plans available?

What is Becoming a Beautiful Woman Inside and Out (BBWIO)?

Does my daughter need a chaperone for Becoming a Beautiful Woman Inside and Out?

I am a little confused on the general raffles and giveaways versus The Vault, what's the difference?

What is a Beautiful Friday Night with Dr. Sharon and Friends and is it REALLY FREE

I'm really excited about a Beautiful Friday Night with Dr. Sharon and Friends, can I bring a girlfriend that is not coming to the conference on Saturday? Can I bring my 16 year old daughter? Do I have to be a guest at the hotel?

Who are the vendors? Can my company be a vendor?

Are we going to have healthy food or is it really gonna be good?

Is this like a health fair?

What happens after this is over? How can I find resources and providers?

What is the attire for the day?

Is it true that you have a 100% Guarantee? Do I really get my registration fee back if I am not satisfied after I attend this event?

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