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LaShun Beal

LaShun Beal, contemporary, figurative artist, born January 28, 1962, has dedicated his career to perfecting his art. He is a native of Detroit who now resides in the Houston area.   He challenges and expresses himself through many mediums. The ground surfaces and canvases that he uses have their own distinctive character and matchless capacity which gives voice to his work and complements his unique style.   After mastering the technical subtleties of different mediums and subject matters, Beal is content with the spirit that drives him to create a particular work of art; and, the evolution of his progress which is exemplified in his creations.   He has done extensive traveling throughout Europe, South America and the Far East which has afforded him the opportunity to witness other cultures which is reflected in his art.   Beal states, “As an artist, I must be free to choose what I do. I enjoy the process of creating with no limits. That is my vision . . . to let the viewer experience the depth of my range as an artist from their own perspective”. He translates his creativity into imagery while simultaneously masterfully using the mediums of acrylic paint, clay, oil pastels and graphite in his work.

The Artistic Genius of LaShun Beal Joins the 2020 Virtual Beautiful Woman Inside and Out Conference Nov 20, 2020 at 8:30 pm EST

“I began collecting art over 25 years ago and I remain passionate about my collection and the “stories” that my art speaks to my soul.  I purchased my first original piece of art and it remains a feature in my home today—the artistry was that of LaShun Beal. My love and appreciation of his work continues and now he is prominently featured throughout my home. The mastery of colors, style and textures is just breathtaking. I also love the fact that he is versatile in his offerings which is perfect for any budget. He remains relevant and ever evolving—he even released masks in 2020! I am so honored that he agreed to be one of our featured speakers and I know that you will appreciate his expertise and talent.”  Sharon D. Allison-Ottey, MD Host/Founder of Beautiful Woman Inside and Out

Everyone needs art in their lives! Mr. Beal will offer a session on art to include the various types to include prints, open vs. limited editions,  giclees, originals and everything in between. ASK questions, get a tutorial on colors, what pieces you should have in any home, how to decide what to buy and how to display and a host of other questions/answers.   This Friday evening session on “Beautiful Artistry for Beautiful Women featuring LaShun Beal” will be one to put on the calendar and grab some cheese, a beverage and a notepad!  In addition to the artistic insight from this internationally renowned artist; participants will be treated to a “mini” virtual art show and the ability to purchase items at our special BWIO prices and every purchase receives a free gift.  Additionally, work is signed by the artist which immediately increases the current and future value!   You know Dr. Sharon will also have “extra” surprises as she brings the very best to our registrants!  

You do NOT want to miss this session!  Send your questions to in advance or be prepared to ask in the chat online.  

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