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Mario Christino

Mario Christino is simply a great guy that has been single, married, divorced and married again later in life and  blended families. He was a MUST for our panel as he can really speak to relationships.  He LOVES his wife and his blended family and will honestly share his expertise!

One key point for this executive…..Debbie, his wife of the last 9 years,  is the love of his life and this gives testimony to destiny.  They grew up together in Connecticut and went to grade school together. Had a crush on her then but they were too young. They went our separate ways for high school, and never saw each other again. Until 38 years later, when he was getting separated from my first wife and found out that Debbie was living just 15 minutes away from me. They met for drinks and dinner, and the waitress commented that they  were the “cutest couple” in the restaurant. They’ve  been together ever since.

2nd marriages and blended families can be wonderful and challenging all at the same time.  Marriage later can bring other challenges—how do you handle challenging divorce medical diagnosis, children navigating new step parents and other challenges including the death of a child. Mario is open about challenges and is a testimony to how to push thru!
Love never fails! We are so pleased that Mario Christino is one of our esteemed panelists!

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