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Meloney M. Miller

Meloney is known as Coach M3, “The Woman in the Back of Success.” Life will give you a plan if you don’t work the plan you have. Meloney has lived a life of examples. She uses her real-life “you can only make this up in Hollywood, Reality TV, or corporate America” stories to help others realize their ultimate selves. No more dreaming about possibilities while you spend your nights worrying about how to get there. Meloney has realized that living an “Unapologetic Life of Possibilities” is what is missing from most personal and business success. Her energetic, direct, humorous and real life “thick-skinned” approach to success leaves everyone with the GO NOW action. Meloney believes we spend too much time on who we are now versus creating the reality of who we want to be. The CoachM3 Xperience can cover the full array of emotions to help the individual or business reach their best existence.

Meloney has an extensive resume.  It includes many significant accomplishments such as being a regular Subject Matter Expert seen on WRAL an NBC affiliate (previous CBS affiliate) for several years.  She has generated millions of dollars in revenue and savings for employers and corporate clients.  She has helped creative talent grow international brands that are known to fans from The White House to Europe and beyond.  Meloney is rooted in her relationship with Christ, which allows her to blend spiritual and business conversations with individuals from various spiritual backgrounds. She sees her faith as a bridge and not a wall.  In between the great accolades have been HUGE losses, such as financial devastation and emotional emptiness.  Collectively, these experiences have made Meloney a crucial and critical conversations speaker, strategist, creative director, brand manager, business consultant and coach.  Meloney believes what we fear should no longer hide in the darkest closets.  “Cut the light on to your business, life and journey and give fear an eviction notice.  You can’t make any more time, so why not continue to live your best life with unapologetic possibilities.”  Meloney knows that her life is not her own and she is a vessel of service to those assigned to her.  Successful results, fulfillment of life and joy are the only reason you should engage the services of CoachM3.

What brings Meloney Joy?  Serving others, staying true to her relationship with Christ, helping others find themselves without smoke and mirrors, great food and her close family and friends, her “chosen family.” She finds true joy and significance when she can help her tribe known as “puzzle pieces.”  Dancing through life, traveling in great shoes and experiencing the world with those she loves is how she relaxes.  Oh, and how can we not mention that she LOVES anything in that “Little Blue Box” (or large box) from Tiffany & Co., Mary J. Blige, the world-famous Essence Music Festival, all things from “The Most Magical Place on Earth” called Disney and Oprah is her all-time favorite virtual mentor!

“Create a life where the world is your classroom, so you never grow old or feel like you know enough to say you are finished learning!”

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