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Onyx Linthicum

Onyx is from Washington, DC and is a jack of all trades master of very few but he holds his intellectual own. As an active member of the NAACP, he enjoys the role he plays in fighting for equality but not just for African Americans, but for all people. He’s held numerous positions in an array of fields but his greatest endeavors always incorporate a way to help others reach their full potential. Onyx is actively engaged at his local youth center where he works to develop new and exciting programs and opportunities for local youth who frequent the center. Using a model forced upon him by his illustrious co-host of the radio blog show Peer Talk 2.0, “ORL Enterprise, Inc.” touches several key market segments including Entertainment, Travel & Hospitality, Education, and Fashion. Using that model of industry paths, his non-profit, The Determined Minds Empowerment Program LLC, finds new ways to tap the love kids have for the arts and even help them determine potential career paths. Onyx is a two time published author of his “let me help you understand” book “The Cherry On Top – Chocolate or Vanilla, He’s Still A Man.This book series, just like Peer Talk 2.0, answers questions about relationships that most don’t even talk about. It’s a real perspective of why men think and act the way they do. In his leisure time Onyx enjoys networking, cooking, carpentry, tinkering with cars and finding new, creative ways to empower people. He’s also a scuba diver and plays a mean game of racquetball – well maybe not that mean but he’s okay.

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