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The “Beautiful Woman Inside and Out” (BWIO) events are designed is to educate, empower and equip women to live their BEST lives. Our objective is to address the “whole” woman and provide the necessary information in a culturally relevant manner that allows women to make informed choices about their health/wellness with a focus on both their inner (health/wellness) and outer beauty (physical attributes).

We are a great organization that puts on outstanding and impactful in the lives of women and young girls. We require a tremendous amount of “manpower” and value the volunteers who give of their time and energy to support our mission. It is only through your support that we can engage, teach and inspire women who will be joining us at our conferences. Anyone who wishes to support BWIO, and our work to help improve people’s lives, can become a volunteer at an event.

Preparation for a BWIO Event can begin months before the actual event is scheduled to take place in a specific location. Therefore, we invite you to assist with the many ongoing coordinated projects to promote BWIO in the community of the tour event of your choosing. We have several opportunities to volunteer pre/post and during our events.

Enthusiastic, friendly volunteers (female and male) are needed in various capacities throughout the year, and specifically in cities where we host our events. Areas for volunteer support include:

  • Registration/Customer Service
  • Host/Hostesses
  • Assistance with event preparations, setup, layout and décor
  • AV/IT Assistance
  • Event Set Up/Breakdown
  • On Site Registration, Help Desk, Operations
  • Speaker, VIP and DIVA hosts
  • Breakdown
  • Other Roles

Event Specific Volunteer Guidelines

  • A pleasant, willing attitude is required; accompanied by a smile.
  • Check in with the volunteer coordinator (or their assistant) before your shift.
  • Notify the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible if you are unable to fulfill your commitment.
  • Attend any general or specific training requested, whether before or during the conference, and agree to follow the rules and guidelines for the particular volunteer role(s).
  • Be ready to work the task and shift you’ve agreed to, and be able to stay the entire length of your shift.

Understand that signing up for a task or shift signifies your preference, but does not guarantee placement, as the organizers may need to reschedule due to a variety of reasons



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Frequently Asked Question about Volunteering with BWIO

How old do I have to be to volunteer at an event?

I have physical limitations; can I still volunteer?

I am interested in an event that is months away. When do I call to sign up?

How do I dress?

How many hours will I be volunteering?

May I bring my son or daughter, other family member or friend with me?

Can I earn community service hours for my school/scholarship?

My group would like to volunteer together. Is that possible?

What benefits do I receive for volunteering?

What if I want to attend the event, as a volunteer am I allowed to attend before or after my shift?

Do you provide travel and lodging for out of town volunteers?

What do I do if an emergency prevents me from volunteering?

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