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The Wisdom Wall for Women and Teens

Dear Wise Woman or Teen,

Please take a few moments to read the comments on our Wisdom Wall; which is created by women for women and teens. Growing up and to this day; I am blessed to have strong wise women who have helped to guide me on my life’s journey and I hope that I am doing the same for other women and teens.

Join me and other women in sharing our valuable wisdom with another woman or a teen to help them on their journey. What would you tell a woman about life’s journeys, ups and downs and everything in between? Please enter your advice below and upon review we will add approved comments to our “Beautiful Woman Inside and Out” Wisdom Wall. Keep checking back in to this page as it is a “growing” page!

Your “Wisdom” can be anonymous or you may add your name. You may also call us at (240) 660- 0181 and fax to (301) 576 5445 to submit or ask questions.

All My Love,

Doctor Sharon Wisdom Wall

Dr. Sharon
Host and Founder of
Beautiful Woman Inside & Out

The Wisdom Wall

    • wise woman 5Periods of our lives will be filled with uncertainty, fear, disappointments and defeat. It isn’t that you won’t face hurt or pain; but you must DECIDE to move through and pass the obstacles to the glory of balance, peace, love and unbridled VICTORY.
      Sharon D. Allison-Ottey, MD

    • You are a beautiful young lady. God created you in His image. He loves you and I do, too.

    • Know who you are and stay true to yourself in every area of positive thinking and prosperity and never stop achieving your dreams.

    • wise women 2Be all that you can be and keep God first.

    • NEVER let others abuse you verbally or physically.
      Mary Harris

    • You are beautiful…do not allow anyone to abuse you!

    • And let us not be weary in well-doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9 ‘Don’t Faint!’

    • When someone shows you who they are, believe them. You can’t change them – the only person you can change is yourself.

    • wise woman 5Give yourself a chance to be a young woman, a teen. Life moves on quickly enough and you should enjoy each phase of your life and not always be looking for what is next. You have all of your life to be an adult; be a responsible teen and don’t make mistakes which impact your entire life.
      Sharon D. Allison-Ottey, MD

    • Be yourself – No one can be you BUT you or like you.

    • In ALL things give thanks. The hurt, the pain, the triumphs and challenges all mold you into the YOU that God has destined you to be!
      Sharon D. Allison-Ottey, MD

    • God created you so love yourself.

    • wise womenBe confident in your God given gifts. Learn early that you are a wonderful person.

    • Trust God in all things. Pray the power of Jesus over every decision that you make.

    • Love yourself always!

    • Beauty is not about the words of a rap song, a music video or the cover of a magazine. It lives inside of you. So look in the mirror and smile at yourself, flirt with yourself but most importantly, fall in LOVE with yourself. You are GORGEOUS!
      Erica Braziel

    • Your virtue has value. Know your worth!

    • wise womenGod is simply and magnificently GOD! Trust Him in the midst of your trials, tribulations, pain and you can KNOW that HE will see you through and push your further than you ever could have imagined.
      Sharon D. Allison-Ottey, MD

    • Be a leader, not a follower.

    • Do not settle. Ever! Not for yourself or anyone else!

    • Never allow anyone’s opinions dictate to you who you are as a person and a woman.

    • First of all, know that God loves you. Keep Him first in all you do. In all things, acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

    • wise women 3Life is not a dress rehearsal – live it to the fullest.

    • Love yourself
      Dee Milligan

    • Believe in your dreams and do not let anyone tell you cannot fulfill your dreams
      Theresa Johnson

    • You ARE Beautiful

    • You are perfect enough just the way you are!
      Louise Brunson

    • Never say NEVER
      Sylvia Currie- Johnson

    • To thine own self be true
      Kimberly Livingston

    • Be HONEST with and to YOURSELF
      Ronda Teal

    • You CAN do it! The SKY is the limit

    • Stay true to YOURSELF!

    • Good, better, best, never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best
      Judge Cheri Siler- Mack

    • Be true to yourself; don’t let anyone else define who you are

    • Whatever you do, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine
      Gwedolyn Boyd

    • Never let anyone tell you what you CAN’T do
      Sylvia Currie- Johnson

    • LOVE yourself
      Arlene Imes

    • You can’t change him and he should appreciate you for who you are and what you become.

    • You are fearfully and wonderfully made. No one else is like you; be grateful for your uniqueness.

    • You have worth, you are valuable

    • Be yourself! Love yourself! Strengthen yourself!
      Jeremiah 29:11

    • Whatever you do; Love and respect yourself FIRST.
      Deborah Miller

    • Stay Strong
      Nancy Livingston

    • God Loves YOU!

    • Hang in there!

    • Love YOURSELF
      Many L Johnson

    • We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned so as to have the life that’s waiting for us
      Monica Satterwhite

    • Guard your mind, body and spirit to PROTECT your soul

    • Never say I CAN’T

    • Accept and build on kind words and deeds of correction and encouragement.
      Deshetta Parks

    • Never fail to try.
      Deshetta Parks

    • Have a relationship with God.
      Deshetta Parks

    • Trust God
      Mattie Urquhart

    • A strong foundation starts with YOU!
      Annete Alexander

    • Be better than the previous generation.

    • Open a checking account as soon as you can. Learn how to balance and budget money, and a checking account is a perfect way to start
      Aisha Beauford


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