Beautiful Woman Inside And Out

The “Beautiful Woman Inside and Out” event is designed to educate, empower and equip women to live their BEST lives. Our objective is to address the “whole” woman and provide the necessary information in a culturally relevant manner that allows women to make informed choices about their health/wellness with a focus on both their inner (health/wellness) and outer beauty (physical attributes).

Women are often so focused on their families, careers and just life in general, that they don’t take time to care for and appreciate themselves. Well NO MORE! We’ve planned a day that you will NEVER forget!

Beautiful Woman Inside and Out

This day long, high energy event is filled with leading experts including experts from the world of health/wellness, fashion, beauty, hair and fashion! All of these experts will share the same platform and you will NEVER be the same! We approach “beauty” devoid of the typical stereotypes and want to assure that women are healthy; we will dispel myths, and give useful/practical advice from all of the experts. We believe that women should want to be their very best on the inside and out! This groundbreaking conference addresses the woman in a way that she can relate to and embrace.

All of our events will be hosted at venues/sites that are befitting of our registrants. You will be in awe of the elaborate decorations, features of this event and your time with women who are motivated to move forward. The level of expertise, the interactions with the experts, the ability to ask questions and get answers that you can understand are the perfect ingredients to a unique opportunity that few women will ever experience.

Women will want to arrive early for a special treat that kicks off our day! All registrants will enjoy a sumptuous breakfast, unlimited beverage breaks and an exquisite gourmet luncheon. Enjoy the entertainment from musical artists, comedians as well as other “surprises” which are planned for our registrants. Join authors for book signings and discussions. We have riveting general sessions, “Master Classes” with our experts, smaller more intimate sessions which allow registrants to interact with professionals and get their answers questions and allow for on hands demonstrations.

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